Virtual Tours have become very important in the current climate of social distancing. Not only do people not want to go to high risk areas, but you don’t want people in your space.

How Does A Virtual Tour Work

A series of 360º photos are taken at regular intervals. These photos are then stitched together giving a 360º view of the area.

The viewer can then by dragging their mouse look at whatever they want in the area. They can move in any direction they wish. This gives the view a feel for the room that they are in. Further to this, they can spend as much time as the want in the room.

What are the Applications of a Virtual Tour

The Real Estate Industry rely on Virtual Tours so clients can view properties in the comfort of their own homes.

Any business that has a show room can use a Virtual Tour so that prospective clients can “walk” through the show room. If the see something they are interested in they can click on a tag to get more information.

Art Gallery Virtual Tour

Art Galleries use it for art buyers all over the world to “walk” through the gallery. They can then see what item they like and get more information. This often leads to a sale.

See what the rooms and bathrooms of a Guest House looks like before booking.  With a Virtual Tour there is no where to hide. See an example of the Dorr Guest House in Johannesburg here.

Business who have people work from home now utilize Virtual Tours. When on-boarding a new employee the “walk” through Head Office at their leisure. On entering the boss’s office they click a link for a welcome video from the person.

Virtual Tour School

Schools use Virtual Tours so that new pupils can get the lay of the land and their class room before the big first day.

How would you like to walk through a virtual shopping mall, no crowds pushing and shoving. You decide which shop to go into and view their wares. See something you like, buy it and have it delivered!

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Tour

Firstly, it gives the viewer an incredible experience, some find it addictive to zoom around.

Safety is a very important benefit. The viewer does not have contact with other people who could be spreading the virus. Also there are no pick-pockets on the tour! No parking fees. No husband or children that are tired and bored.

Virtual Tour Shopping Mall

As the Virtual Tour is available online, there is no time limit to viewing the space. Also the viewer is not limited to certain hours.

The viewer can be on the other side of the world and still experience the space by means of the Virtual Tour.

For more information view our page on Virtual Tours here.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us make sure people can view your space.

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