When is a photo not a photo but a means of communication? Often you see husbands in a supermarket take a photo to send to their wife to make sure they are buying the right “thing”. Is that a photo or a quick visual note?

What is the message of the image?

People often come to us and say “I need photos for my website.” When we ask what message are you trying to convey with the image – we often get a very blank look.  “I just need good photos!” The photos/images used online are a very important part of the perception people develop of your product, company and/or brand.Focal Fusion Photography Brown Laptop Bag

Take some time and think about what you would like your photo to say – if it could speak – to your clients.

Styling of Product

Focal Fusion Photography Olives and Plates SaladAn image of just a product is good if it is obvious what it is and what it is used for.  Sometime the customer needs some assistance.  Styling the product with subtle props e.g. a health product that is based on lavender might have some lavender flowers with the product.

Is the product used in the bathroom, outdoors, in the kitchen or what does the blouse look like on a person.

Personal Branding – is it important?

Focal Fusion Photography ABSA Wealth CEOEach business person is a brand. What does your profile photos on the various platforms say about you? Firstly, does it convey the message that you are serious about your brand and the images are of a very high standard?

Consistency is of utmost importance when is comes to branding. Are you consistent in the images you have on the platforms.  Further to this, how up to date are the images. Will people recognise you from that photo that was taken years ago?

Why use a Professional Photographer

A young boy was sitting having supper with his parents who had invited a professional photographer over. He asked what the photographer did who answered that he is a professional photographer.  The boy looked at him in a puzzled way: “Are we not all photographers? We all have a camera on our mobile phones that takes very good pictures!”

The photographer replied to the boy: “Do you have a tennis racket?” The boy responded “Yes” So you will then be able to beat Roger Federer?”

Focal Fusion Photography ABSA Wealth CEO

The difference in owning a camera and being able to make the required images conveying the correct message takes experience, knowledge and lots of “mistakes” to learn from.

On order to sell products online the images required to convey the message “Buy me!!” is very important. Proper lighting, good angle and great composition.  Not a quick pic taken with a mobile phone.

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