What to do with your Wedding Dress

You have been dreaming about that dress since you were a little girl. On the day it made you look wonderful and you felt like a true princess!

Now that the day is over, what are you going to do with your beautiful dress? Some people arrange a Trash-The-Dress Photo Shoot and ruin a beautiful creation, others leave it hanging in a cupboard to gather dust.

We recently did a wedding where the Bride asked us to find a person who could not afford a designer dress, but needed a dress for their dream wedding. She was hoping to donate the dress to a bride, with the proviso that they give the dress to the next bride to fulfil her dreams and in that way continue to “pay it forward”.

The hope was that she would be able to contribute to the next person’s dreams and ensure that the dress would always be a talisman of joy and happiness and allow someone to have that special day, that they too had dreamed of!

Aren’t we lucky to be working with such amazing Brides!

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