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Virtual Walk Through

Click on the photo to activate. Left click and hold to move the view of the room. Click on the circles on the floor to navigate through the house. 

To have an automated walk through click on the on the play arrow at the bottom left.

For ease of use click on square on bottom right for a full page view.

Video Walk Through

What is a Virtual Tour

With a Virtual Tour, now from the comfort of you chair you are able to “walk” through a property and look at whatever you want to. You decide where to go and where to look. Nothing is hidden by clever photography.  With the Matterport platform you are able to see a 2D plan of the property as well as a 3D Doll-House.

Click here to see an example.

The application possibilities are endless.

  • Very handy for the property market as you basically have an online show house.  No real people walking through your house and looking into your cupboard, spreading viruses and leaving dirty marks on you carpets.
  • A client can walk through your virtual show room – look at your products car, lounge suite, etc click on the relevant product and obtain all the information on that specific product.
  • A new pupil at a school can talk a “walk” through the new school they are going to and even look at the class room they will be sitting in.
  • You can pop into a “virtual” art gallery – look at the various art pieces and with a click get the information of the art piece you are intereted in.
  • People being employed to work from home can now, as part of the on-boarding process, “walk” through the new employer’s offices with welcoming videos from each of the senior executives as you walk into their office.
  • Clients are able to see your facilities with out actually visiting your premises. Great way to show the capabilities of your company, production lines, warehouse facilities, office space, hotel rooms, conference facilities, etc.

Virtual Tours can be embedded in your website, links posted on Social Media and 360degree photos used on Google MyBusiness and Facebook.

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