We have entered an un-presidented digital era! Everything is now online.

People want to sit at home and experience “other” spaces. This could be viewing a property they are interested in, or what their supplier’s factory and/or facilities look like, etc. In the past when Real Estate Agents had Show Houses, companies would fly their clients in to come and view their facilities.

With the aid of a Virtual Tour, a space can now be viewed from the comfort of your own home. You are able to “walk” through the space at your own leisure and look around as you want to.

Here is an example of a house:

By clicking on the arrow in the left-hand corner, an automated walk through is triggered. You can stop the “walk through” at any stage – look around, and then carry on with the automated tour again.

As the model is built by taking numerous photos, it has created the ability to measure the size of anything in the space. A prospective client can now measure windows for potential curtains and ensure that their oversized bed will fit in the master bedroom.

Here is an example of a Doctor’s Rooms.

This means you can show your child where you are going before you get there. It will make them less fearful of the Doctor or Dentist.


3D Doll’s House

The “Dolls House” depiction of the space allows the viewer to get a 3D view of the space. By clicking in any room in the space, you will be taken there on the screen.

Focal Fusion Photography Virtual Tour Doll House


Virtual Tour Video with Drone Footage

An incredibly powerful tool is to combine the Virtual Tour of a property with Drone Video footage. This gives the viewer a very realistic experience of the property.
Here is an example combining a Virtual Tour with a Drone video:



Wikipedia has some interesting information on Virtual Tours.

Let your imagination run wild with regard to how you can use Virtual Tours to communicate with your target audience.

Contact us to discuss how we can put your space into Virtual Reality.


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