Focal Fusion Photography.Mom of the Groom who passed recently.As a photographer I often get requests from previous clients for images of loved ones who have passed away. They need the photo for the memorial service and our photo is the last one that was taken of their loved one. We have even considered added a Memorial Wall to our website remembering the people who have been in-front of lenses.

Don’t wait to get that photo!

It has always been our policy to take photos of parents and grandparents at weddings. Firstly, everybody is dressed to look their best and it makes them feel part of the celebration. This has made us realise that life is busy and we don’t stop to appreciate the people around us. Once they are gone we are sadden by the fact that we don’t have good photos of them. I am a case in point, I do not have good photos of my own Dad.

Further to this, our children grow so quickly and we don’t document their lives. Normally the first child has lots of photos, the second not so many and the third is not sure if he was ever part of the family, as he does not exist in any photo!

Family Photo Shoot

We have families that do a photo shoot with us every year. They change the photos in the frames on their walls to stay up to date. Every year they choose a different colour and setting. The children have lots of fun as they remember what and where we did it last year. The girls get an opportunity to play dress-up.

Focal Fusion Photography Laila Meskin Child PhotoAnother heartwarming story we are involved in is of a young girl who was adopted at a baby – she was left in a forest at the tender age of two days! Her Mom takes photos of her activities during the year and we have an annual photo shoot with them. Each years photos – Mom’s and ours – are then put in a photo book.

In this digital age we live in we are the most photographed people but have the least printed photos!! There are so many ways that photos can be used to capture memories of special people in our lives. Yet we always think that we will get around to it! We can assit you with the photo on your phone to enhance and make then more printable.

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