Photography: Bring the Sexy Back!!

We all buy with our eyes, so that is why having gripping photos for any online presence is important.

In the past the female body was used to get males to look at motor vehicle adverts. We have evolved from those days!! Now the product needs to speak for itself.Girl with car

In order to get good photos, you need to decide what story you want the images to tell. Give the photographer a complete brief to prevent misunderstandings. Having a discussion with the photographer is a good idea. The photographer might be able to guide you in the styling and how to depict the products to their fullest.

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Format of Photos

How the photos are going to be used will determine the format of the digital files.

For web purposes the files will normally be in a low resolution JPG file. That is either 72 or 96 dpi. Often when printing the images, clients request a PDF file with the mode set to CMYK. This sounds very complicated, a discussion with your printer, web developer and photographer will sort this information out for you.

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Ownership of photos

This is a thorny issue! In South Africa the entity that pays for the photos own the images. It is therefore important to discuss ownership and use of the images.
Often images are sold for one time use only, other times the full license is given.

Photographers would also like to use the images for their own marketing. Make sure this is discussed and agreed upon.

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Relationship with a Photographer

Having a great relationship with your photographer will ensure that your images will “tell the proper story”. If your photographer feels valued, they will often do more than what is required, and will be willing to meet tight deadlines.

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