Photographer vs Sniper

Chris Kyle American Sniper

Chris Kyle – the subject of a movie American Sniper – was asked about how he feels about killing people. He answered that his job is to save lives, he does this by stopping people from killing many others. So he will never know how many people’s lives he has saved! How does this apply to a photographer?


We live in a digital age so people purchase what they see on a screen. This makes the importance of good quality images significant! People buy with their eyes, if the image does not grab them immediately they are “lost”. The sad thing is that you will never know the sales that you “lost” due to poor images – like never knowing how many people Chris Kyle “saved”!

What to do for the best photo?

How do you prevent this? Firstly make sure the images are shot with proper lighting and composition. Then before the photo shoot determine how to tell the “story” of what you are offering. How must the product be styled to show off the best?

Less is more, don’t crowd the image with too many props. Make sure everything in the photo has a proper reason to be there.

Professional Product photos of charcoal and bricketts

Use a professional photographer

None of us will try and fix a broken tooth ourselves!! We head straight to the dentist, as he is a professional and knows what to do! Why do some people then think that because they own a camera, they are capable of taking professional images for their website? The sad thing is that they will never know what they “lost” in the way of possible sales.

Professional Product photos of food

Building a relationship with a photographer is also important as the photographer is the story-teller. The more you work with someone the more they know what you want. The result will be that you will get better photos telling a better and more interesting story. The result is more clicks on your products, more orders and a much better bank balance.



You will never know the hidden “cost” of a “do-it-yourself-job” with your product images.

Professional Product photo of bag

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