How to Use a Virtual Property Tour

What is a Virtual Tour? The value of photos, images and digital tools have become increasingly important in the “new” way of doing business. How do you display your products to potential clients who are in lock down or just scared to be out and about?

The Property Industry has been ahead of the curve by accident. This technology had been developed to assist buyers to view properties from the comfort of their own homes. First just photos were used, then videos were added. Now the capability of “walking” through a property at your own pace exists. You can stop and look at whatever you want to in each room, move around the room and see it from different angles. You are also able to measure the dimensions of various parts of the room to find out “Will my curtains fit?” etc.

The challenge is “Do people know how to use the Virtual Tour?” Here are some quick and easy guidelines to use the Matterport Virtual Tours.

Go to our example to see how it works –


On startup a Dollhouse Depiction is shown. This is a 3D rendition of the property. By using the mouse it can be swiveled and by clicking on any room you will be taken to that room.


On the bottom left of the graphic you will find the various icons that assist with using the Virtual Tour.

The first is an Arrow that Switches the Highlights On and Off.

Focal Fusion Photography Highlights Button

Automated Highlight Walk Through – Virtual Tour

The Second is a Pointer that starts the Automated Highlight Walk Through. Once the Walk Through starts it can be stopped at any point by clicking the mouse. You are then able to view the space that you stopped in.

3D Dollhouse Depiction

The next Icon is for the 3D Dollhouse depiction as described above. After that you will find the 2D Plan Icon of the Property.  Using this you can get an idea of the layout of the property.

Measuring Tool

Here is a tool that can be used to measure windows, curtain rails, room size, etc. Play with it see how easy it is to obtain sizes of various items.

Measure Tool Focal Fusion Photography Virtual Tour

How to Move Around – Virtual Tour

Once you are in a space you will notice circles on the floor. These are points you can move to by clicking on them with the mouse. Once you have reached your desired point you can swivel around by click and holding the mouse. You can move left, right, up or down. Look at the ceiling, then look at the floor, explore all the various corners of a room.

Once you have got the hang of it it is easy and can be addictive. This application can be used for many situation such as a vehicle show room, art gallery, online shop with isles, show new employees what head office looks like, etc.

You can click on the “Room” on the Highlight Panel to go to a specific room.

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