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Tips for Family Shoots

Pick a colour palette for the family to stick to, but have fun! Don’t be afraid to be bold, long flowing dresses for ladies and bow ties and jackets for little boys makes for beautiful shots. Avoid logos and busy prints on shirts as they can be distracting. Getting kids dressed up creates excitement and makes the whole process something to look forward to and talk about afterwards!

We have a family that has a family shoot every year and ensure that every year has a difference colour palette. The kids love choosing the colour for the year and dressing up accordingly!

The location of the shoot can vary drastically from an indoor studio to an outdoor park, racing track, heritage site or playground. The key to choosing a location is to ensure that all the members of the family are comfortable and that everyone is having fun. Putting a small child in a sterile white studio often creates stress, whereas letting a child play in a familiar garden, will get a much better result.

When doing a family shoot with small children we like to get the key shots first and from there we can move to the fun and crazy shots. Small children have a limited attention span and it is critical to balance working quickly whilst still having fun!

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