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Corporate and Commercial Photography is a very important contributor to the image of any organisation.

I offer the full range of services which include Executive and Staff Head Shots, as well as photography for Corporate and Personal Branding, Event photography, Pack Shots for catalogues, Website photography and Images of Facilities. We always strive to offer creative skills, that are current and ensure a high-end product that can be used for both print and digital media.

Having worked in the marketing field, I understand the key role photography plays in communicating the message and essence of the Brand. Now more than ever, Companies require photographs that deliver a clear message that can be used across all channels of the business, both internal and external.

I have worked across a very wide range of Businesses and Industries, ranging from small local Companies with only a few employees, to large multinationals that employ 1000s of people. No matter the size, the drive to deliver and attention to detail remains the same.

Each job is quoted on individually, based on the time and equipment required to complete the brief. A written quote detailing the work to be done is provided so that misunderstandings are avoided.

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