Gone but Not Forgotten: Mike Reece

When we started in the Wedding Industry 19 years ago, we worked with Lyn Reece who is a make-up artist. Her husband – Mike – was always in the background and incredibly quiet.

At wedding expos Mike would be there assisting Lyn in setting up her stand. If she had a bride to attend to during the expo, Mike would man her stand.

Our friendship developed with Mike and Lyn resulting in many an evening spent at an Ocean Basket chatting and laughing about the wedding industry.

As we got to know Mike better, the more evident his talents became! He was a trader by birth, selling pens on the side. His greatest talent was finding solutions!! He was affectionally called Mr Google. If his daughter needed a car Mike would find one, even though she was based in Scotland. If the travel bug bit, Mike would find a cruise for them to go on. He even assisted his good friend Fred Keely on how to use an iPad.

We had the privilege of doing a family photo shoot with Mike and Lyn and their son – Gareth and his family – who was visiting from the UK. The photo shoot was lots of fun, and it was wonderful to see the children with Granny and Grandad. The well-behaved grandchildren are a testament to the way Mike and Lyn raised their own children who are doing a fantastic job of duplicating the parenting process.

Recently Mike was called to a higher calling. He will be missed by all of us and especially by his family. For us it has been a wonderful experience in getting to know Mike and be able to provide the Reece Family with some photos of this special man!

Mike you were a true gentleman, you will be missed but not forgotten. To Lyn and the family, we send all the hugs you need.

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